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Cotton-padded clothes with poor air permeability can cause heatstroke


When you are exercising, you are not as good as you are. You are very particular about wearing it. If you wear it wrong, you may cause injury. You may wish to follow the following points when choosing sportswear.

Both sweat and breath. Many people wear cotton clothing when they exercise. In fact, the cotton texture absorbs sweat well, but the breathability is poor. It is easy to cause heat stroke during summer exercise, and it may cause cold and cold in autumn. It is recommended that in both outerwear and underwear, it is best to choose a polypropylene material with relatively good moisture permeability.

It is light and safe. Do not wear tight, heavy clothes during exercise, and be light. Otherwise, it will not only hinder the movement, but also may cause unnecessary contusions or lead to poor blood circulation. For example, when playing basketball, clothes should be loose, neckline and cuffs should be wide; when climbing, pants should be flexible, thick, and have great surface friction, which is good for mountain climbing and walking; when jumping square dance and aerobics, clothes should be flexible; Stretch vests and loose shorts are available for instrumental exercise. It should also be noted that no matter what kind of exercise, do not tie the belt.

Choose shoes according to sports. Different sports have different requirements for the suspension, anti-skid and bending performance of sports shoes. When running, the sneakers must be light, the shock absorption is strong, and the position of the forefoot should be flexible enough; when playing tennis, there are more sudden and urgent stops, so the anti-slip performance of the sneakers is required to be good; when playing basketball, There are many impacts and jumps, so it is necessary to pay attention to the shock absorption function of the shoes, wear high-top shoes, protect the ankle joints, and reduce the chance of lameness; when playing indoor sports such as badminton, it is required to move around flexibly, and should choose a lighter and softer movement. shoe.

In addition, some sports require special protective gear. For example, when swimming, wear appropriate goggles and swimming caps. The goggles can avoid chemical damage to the eyes in the swimming pool. The swimming cap can prevent ear vibration and protect the head. Don’t forget to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle, which can cushion the accident and effectively reduce the outside world. Damage to the head; when pushing a barbell or a dumbbell, it is best to wear a wristband, a waistband, etc.

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